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Michael Bacigalupi



OBJECTIVE:  To secure a position within a progressive organization which offers opportunites for both

personal and professional growth.



                    MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2000, 2005,

                     SAP R/3 VER. 3.1H & 4.0, ABAP/4 UNIX, JETFORM, BORLAND INTERBASE,

                     MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 6.0 (VB 6.0, ASP, C++), BORLAND C++ BUILDER,

                     MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2003, WINDOWS 98 & 2000 & NT 4.0, XP PRO,


                     RMS, LSE, CDD, DECFORMS, CMS, MMS, DCL,



HARDWARE:  HP9000, DEC ALPHA/AXP, DEC/VAX 6410, 6520, 4310, MICROVAX 3100,

                        VAX WORKSTATION 4000 VLC, UNISYS A-SERIES A4, A17, A19



10/06 to  Present Ecommlink Inc, 325 E. Warm Springs Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Software Engineer and backup DBA for Payment Card Industry Card Processing company.


Responsible for design, development and support of software written in C#, ASP.NET and VB.NET for Ecommlink's consumer website.  Designed and created windows service programs to facilitate offline processing without intensive database interaction.

Currently working as assistant DBA backing up and helping our primary DBA.  Responsible for all systems performing numerous duties

including, but not only, log shipping, replication, backups and restores and overall new database system design.


Primarily responsible for Quality assurance of other developers with regard to Transact-SQL stored procedures.  Works extensively to do performance tuning of queries and applications using them.  Works primarily with SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, Query analyzer, Enterprise Manager, Profiler, SQL Server 2005 Management studio and other software tools.


Currently working with team to convert large database clusters to SQL Server 2005.  Worked extensively with team to research and implement vast encryption scheme to meet Payment Card Industry compliance standards.


Created proof of concept demo system using SQL Server 2000 Analysis services including test cubes and reports.


            Created proof of concept demo system using SQL Server 2000 Reporting services.


Demonstrates good knowledge of software design cycles including object oriented design methodology.


            Recently completed SQL Server 2005 Administrative/Programming course.


05/03 to


Shufflemaster Gaming, 1106 Palms Airport Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89119 


Software Engineer responsible for all backend database development and support.

Database design, development and maintenance using SQL Server 2000.  Extensive T-SQL stored procedures and subsequent access using Microsoft C#.

Responsible for maintaining commercial software packages as well as new software development using data collection, multi-threaded

TCP/IP communications and database processing. 

All development done primarily in Visual Studio .net 2.0 with C#, ADO and SQL Server 2000.

Worked with Borland C++, Interbase, Machine Vision and Euresys video capture and processing cards as well.


Currently developing new Automated Casino Tracking System using C#, managed C++ with SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005.


    Designed and created new SQL Server 2000 database for use with new software                     

package for the casino industry.  Developed complete database, stored procedures,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         triggers, maintenance and administration for the database.  Also developed all communication software between database and embedded controllers via Middleware written in Borland C++ and later rewritten in C#.


                 Added modifications to Bloodhound software for release version 8.0.  This software

                 Package is resident in over 70 major casinos.


                 Did various work for software using machine vision, serial communication and other

                 Interactions with hardware devices.


                 Created software classes for use in other C++ and C# programs.


                 Worked with Linux and C++ to facilitate multi platform availability for software.



9/02 to   2/03  North Resource Inc, 7391 W. Charleston Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117


                  Senior Consultant/project leader in development of commercial software package.

      Involved in product development of software written on Microsoft XP/2000

      architecture using C# and SQL Server 2000 database.  Application uses ADO.NET

      for enhanced database performance.  This application will rely heavily on Microsoft’s 

      .NET framework for its object-oriented capabilities.



8/98 to        Sharp Electronics Corporation, One Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430



Functioned as senior development/support team member for ABAP program and Web site development.  Worked specifically as a lead person in process re-engineering of older legacy systems to new client/server and web systems.  Responsible for design, development, testing and implementation of ABAP and internet related work.  Also spends time doing vendor software evaluations and recommendations for upper management.  Spends time supervising and teaching less experienced staff members as well.


      Developed internet software using C++,Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP in conjunction with SAP ABAP/4 BAPI and FM modules via DCOM connector to provide functional real time web site.  All software was developed to work with SQL Server 7.0 databases on the back office side.


      Developed interface system allowing data flow from SAP to back office web servers via MQseries, ABAP/4 programs and IDOC’s, Visual Basic 6.0,  some C++  and Maestro.     


      Currently working to rewrite batch jobs written in VB 6.0 using C++.  These tasks are being upgraded by the use of the STL, sequence containers, iterators and other libraries.


      Created numerous complex SQL queries and stored procedures using MS SQL Server 7.0 for the retrieval and update of data.  Also works as a backup DBA creating triggers, monitoring database backups and assisting in the relational design and maintenance for the web site database.


      Began evaluation of .NET platform to prepare for departmental upgrade to Visual Studio.net.  Has worked to learn and create test applications in VB.net and C++.net as well as starting to look at C# and ADO.net.


      Researched and developed various solutions for shopping cart applications using DCOM, Visual C++, Visual Basic, SAP R/3 ABAP/4 BAPI’s and FM’sand Microsoft Site and Commerce Server.    This complex solution allows a user to access order products via and ASP web page which calls a C++ object which then connects to a backoffice SAP system and places the order. 


      Developed Release I and II customer master conversion which created 70% of       Sharp’s customer base in SAP.


      Developed various other master data conversion including materials, material info      

      records, A/P, purchase info records, credit master records and service material


                  Developed custom Broker billing interface to pay brokers for importation charges

                  Logged against various purchase orders.


                 Created numerous reports for SD, FI, MM, PP, CO - many using advanced list

                 Processing techniques.


                 Created many user dialog programs to facilitate custom applications using

                 Screen-painter and advanced list processing.  These bolt-on applications helped

                Users to quickly complete their work when SAP functionality fell short.


                 Worked with a variety of the more than 125 user exits that Sharp has.


                Created dozens of update processes using BDC and other interface architectures

                 To help Sharp do its overnight processing.  Many of these interfaces were tied

                To user front-ends which were built using screen-painter and advanced list



6/97 to         Mitsubishi Chemical America, 1 North Lexington Ave., White Plains, NY 10601



Responsible for technical design and development for SAP rollouts using  ABAP/4, Jetform print software and SAPSCRIPT. Mitsubishi Chemical America will be installing SAP in up to 4 subsidiary companies by year 2000. Responsibilities included all ABAP/4 coding and testing, all custom modifications and enhancements and all print related development.


                   Designed and created all batch input programs for master data. These include

                   Uploads for customers, vendors, materials, credit, plan (budget) and GL.


                   Designed and created batch input programs to load open items for AP and AR.


                   Developed C++ programs in UNIX to extract and prepare data for load into SAP.


                   Created small satellite systems in Visual Basic and C++ which utilized imported

                   SAP Data.


                   Designed and created numerous reports using advanced list processing

                   techniques of ABAP/4.  Reports were created primarily for SD, MM, FI, CO, PP



                   Developed front-end bolt on enhancement using screen painter and necessary

                   ABAP techniques. This application was for Visual Inspection and allowed MCA to

                   bypass implementing the SAP WM module.


                   Installed and customized SAP forms using SAPSCRIPT and Jetform print

                   Software.  This also involved making modifications to SAP print programs in order

                   to achieve the desired results.


                   Created a custom actual costing system for executive review.  This involved using

                   portions of existing PP and CO report programs from SAP which were modified to

                   create user tables holding key data.  This data was in turn modified to represent

                   the costing process in a way that management desired to see it.


7/95 to        Coach Leatherware, 410 Commerce Blvd., Carlstadt, NJ 07072

6/97            POSITION:   SYSTEMS ANALYST.


                   Supported the finance organization during its post-SAP implementation.

                   Responsible for data management, interface design and

                   development, and overall troubleshooting for GL, AR and AP.   Prior to SAP

                   I supported distribution systems on a VAX cluster running an automated

                   warehouse  management system using COBOL, RDB with realtime RF transactions.


                  Responsible for the initial design of all finance conversions and interfaces for SAP.


                  Developed, tested and implemented conversions and interfaces for GL accounts,

                  cost centers, profit centers, customer master, AP and GL history, budget upload

                  and credit master using ABAP/4, UPI, Microsoft Access and some C language.


                  Worked with the SAP basis team to develop file transfer software using Unix shell

                  Scripts, C++ and FTP to transport data from IBM mainframe to Unix/ALPHA server.


                  Developed function modules in ABAP/4 for use by other programming staff as

                  well as creating and maintaining a number of user tables as well.


                  Worked with the SAP job scheduling function to define and develop the batch

                  processing functions needed for the necessary interfaces.


                  Created C++ programs for preparing data for import to the SAP system.


                  Coordinated and managed project to Install 1 new PC shipping system

                  in our manufacturinq facility in Carlstadt,  NJ.


                  Provided around the clock support for all systems responsible for often

                  providing critical help to solve production problems.


                  Designed, developed, installed and supported a productivity database

                  created with Microsoft Access using live data from our shipping Systems.

                  I have worked extensively with Access to provide a number of solutions.


                             8/93  to       Toys “R” Us, 395 W. Passaic Street, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662



                  Worked for the distribution systems group using VAX clusters and ALPHA

                 hardware supporting numerous automated and manual warehouses across

                 the country. Software is written using COBOL with interface to RMS files

                 And Digital RDB databases. There was also access and support of a

                 sophisticated Radio Frequency system and automated sortation equipment.

                 These new systems were interfaced to existing Unisys A19 mainframes via

                 Sophisticated X.25 interface protocol.  They were also replacement systems

                 For older warehouse applications functioning on the Unisys mainframe.  Thus

                 There was quite a bit of re-engineering needed to enable these newer systems to     

                 To include the functionality of the older ones.         

                  Project leader for installation or all software supporting new automated

                 warehouses, responsible for conversion from old system to the new.

                 Worked closely with senior management and area warehouse personnel in

                 planning, developing and facilitating the conversion process in addition

                 to providing on-site direction and support.


                 Developed new warehouse system to enable picking of product at the

      piece level. Project duties included database design and support using RDB and SQL.      


                  Designed, developed and Installed programs using COBOL, DECFORMS and RDB.



                 Responsible for the maintenance and modification of all RDB/VMS

                 databases across the United States using RMU utilities and SQL.


                 Worked as a senior programmer/analyst using many different kinds of

                 Unisys development tools to provide various software solutions.  These included

                 AP/ AR / EDI / Inventory programming solutions utilizing CANDE, WFL, XGEN and

                 COBOL74 on a Unisys A-Series A19 mainframe. 


                 Created various screens using XGEN for user interface with the Unisys mainframe.


                 Advised staff members in matters of technical development as well as

                 supervising junior programmers in their project duties.



2/92 to      Deer Park Spring Water, 190 Jony Drive, Carlstadt, NJ 07072



                 Worked as a senior programmer/analyst for a bottled water company

                 developing a new commercial business system using RDB/VMS, COBOL

                 and DECFORMS. Duties included analysis of the current business needs;

                 then subsequent design and development of new systems using

                 relational technology to meet those needs.


                 Designed and developed a multi-file, relational database using

                 DEC RDB for the future migration of all commercial business.


                 Designed and developed a system for the automatic entering of

                 customer contracts and orders; system was written using RDB

                 COBOL and DECFORMS, System helped senior staff eliminate a

                 costly telemarketing department.


                 Created a price increase system using RDB and COBOL to help the

                 company see an immediate $500,000 sales profit.


                 Created numerous reports and screens, some handling sensitive

                  data for upper management to make confidential business decisions

                  involving branch closings, sell-offs and buyouts.



10/88  to   Metrobank for Savings FSB, Palisades Park, NJ



                Maintained software for a bank using the MISER banking  system on UNISYS



                 Created various reports for the review of upper management.  These reports

                 Interacted with MISER banking software which was written for Unisys mainframes.









                 Certification in Computer Programming.

                 Honors Graduate.

                 Excellent Attendance Award.


                 Training provided by Unisys

                 DMSII performance tuning for programmers 1989

                 XGEN 4GL screen programming 1989

                 Cobol74 performance tuning for application development 1989


                 Training provided by DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION:

                 RDB/VMS - Applications programming using SQL - 1990

                 RDB/VMS Database design - 1992

                 RDB/VMS - Database Internals - 1992

                DECFORMS - Applications programming - 1991


                Training provided by CALC:

                Intermediate MICROSOFT ACCESS - 1995

                Advanced MICROSOFT ACCESS - 1995


                Training at Morris County Community College:

                C++ and object oriented design - Spring 1996.


                Training provided by ICS consulting:

                BC170 - Introduction to ABAP/4 Workbench.

                UPI - Universal Portable Interface utility,


                Training provided by SAP.

                AC040 - Cost management and controlling.

                BC41O - ABAP/4 development - dialog programming.

                AC010 - Financial Accounting and Reporting.

                BC415 - Communications interfaces in ABAP programming.


                Training by Learning Tree associates.

                Developing a web-site: Hands on.

                Visual Basic and COM+ for Enterprise Applications : Hands on.

                Advanced C++ programming.

                C# programming and .NET architecture.


                REFERENCES:  Will be furnished upon request.